Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Programs are a great way to earn extra income and add helping hands in promoting our web sites.  In the next several months as our sites are redesigned we will be adding in Affiliate Programs.

Affiliate Software to Monitor Payouts

As we evaluate the compensation structure for Affiliates we are reviewing the software that will allow us to track Affiliate payout.

Affiliate Referral Rate Hierarchy

One of the reward systems we hope to implement is the “tiered” Affiliate Rates.  With tiered Affiliate Rates we can define when an affiliate reaches or earns a certain threshold, all future referrals will be recorded at the next tiered rate. (and so on, depending on the number of tiers we define)

Affiliate Recurring Income Stream

Another great way to encourage the top Affiliates is to provide Recurring Referrals.  We are evaluating which method of payout to use and will post the results in our New Letters.

Affiliate Eligible Sites & Products

The following list of sites will become eligible for the Affiliate Programs:


How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

In General, Affiliate marketing is a kind of marketing where businesses reward affiliates for visitors they send to the business’s site via the affiliate’s own marketing efforts. An affiliate program system is the system that handles the affiliate accounts, the tracking of the traffic affiliates have sent to the site, and the monetary rewards the affiliates have earned for their efforts.

How the system works!

  1. The Affiliate shares a referral link, or adds it to a banner on their website or sites they are authorized to advertise on “on their own behalf with permission from the site owner.)
  2. The Customer clicks on the affiliate link and is redirected to our site(s)
  3. Hooray! The Customer makes a purchase from one of our sites
  4. The Affiliate receives a commission of the sale and keeps promoting to make more money

This offer is only available to U.S. residence at this time.  If you are interested in being contacted when the Affiliate Program opens complete the form below.

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S Valencia

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