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SValencia International is a 100% privately held U.S. owned proprietorship. We are self funded through internet hosting and sales, advertising and contributions from Athena Insurance and Financial Services and subscriptions from customers like you. And, we thank you for your use of our services.

S Valencia International owns such sites as  ACE911.com, EverythingAgricultural.com, CannabisPeeps.com and a variety of other sites for Social Networking and for Insurance lead generation for our sister company.

Our sister company. the foundation and major sponsor of The Events Happening Network is Athena Insurance and Financial Services a United States Independent Insurance agency also privately held.  Today Athena Insurance operates in nearly all States within the United States.  Athena Insurance has access to nearly 200 insurance carriers and caters to “specialty” insurance services such as Cannabis, Timber, Agriculture, Construction and Bonds.

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We are putting up the domain characters tiredofgoogle.com $365,000

For only qualified cash buyers.  All cash, transaction to be sold through Hosting Provider iNeverLogout.com.  For details of this transaction click here

Everything Agricultural

EverythingAgricultural.com EverythingAgricultural.com is one of our “pet projects” we hold dear to our hearts.  The tag line for the site is “Lets’ Grow it Right!”  In my opinion there is …

Whats Happening Today

  Our Pride and Joy! Dare to Dream you Dreams! The concept of WhatsHappeningToday.com had began in 2010 after the dating scene, or should I say, the attempt to find …