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American Contractor Exchange.com moves to ACE911.com

AmericanContractorExchange.com moves to ACE911.com As we migrate our site from AmericanContractorExchange.com to ACE911.com we have decided to add some truly nice features.  They are as follows: Faster Search for Contractors More Custom post type for Specialty Contractors A free listings for every contractor (upgrades are available) Real Estate “RE.ACE911.com” Classifieds Store Vendor sales Affiliate program   These are just a few of the items that will make you searching for contractors that much better. We [read more…]

Whats Happening Today

Whats Happening Today

  Our Pride and Joy! Dare to Dream you Dreams! The concept of WhatsHappeningToday.com had began in 2010 after the dating scene, or should I say, the attempt to find a date online became a terrible experience.  I tried Match, PlentyofFish, Cupid, Eharmoney and seen a pattern of “ways” that were not appealing to me. I will spare you the details but let it be sufficient to say that I just want to go start [read more…]

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