After years of working with The Events Calendar and ticketing WordPress plugin software we have decided to switch to another Plugin Developer.  Why?  I felt that I was not getting the support I needed in a timley manner in a way that allowed me to operate without disruption.  Our new expected launch date is 04/02/2022 Sorry for any inconvenience.


Customized Event Posting required repost manually in two locations, if and only if, you subscribe to the Business Directory listing. There are advantages to posting in both the Business and Event Calendar.  Here is why a manual post is required currently.

Let’s take just one example of a business listing.  We will use our “Band Business Directory Listing” in this scenario.

After the Band subscribes to a business listing they can Customize their listing to include band members, instruments played, genres and a whole lot more.  Now, when they post their first event, the “directory listing” will display a special “TAB” on their listing.  Thus, they can post as many “gigs” / events as they wish letting their follower know how to follow and support them at all their events all the time!

Nest, the Event Calendar. Why repost there?  It allows for more visibility plus, if they are selling tickets, this is the only way to get ticket sales.

And, there are many more perks that come along with reposting to the event calendar.

Remember, if you make changes to your event(s) to change in both locations.


We are adding in another security that will monitored 24/7 giving us multiple layers of protection from the Hosting Provider and two third party security software companies.  The provider of software security are Brute Hulk,  Wordfence and Imunify.

We run on a “dedicated server” and do not share an Virtual apace with others.


Our current hosting solution is excellent with a provider called InMotion Hosting. I have been with them now for 8 years as of the date of this post.  We use their dedicated managed server support and I have nothing but good comments to say about them.  With their services I would say that our uptime is 99.9% in my estimates.

They provide excellent customized services to us.  And, they customized backups for daily, weekly and a month backup .  This is a custom backup requested feature.


Starting in March sometime, InMotion Hosting will begin the setup of mirroring all data on a second server as added protection to event and other data which will also run security software.



The Fail Over services are being discuss and will be implemented with Google.  With this fail over system data can even further protected by cloud services which will keep the site up and running if one or even two of the main servers go down.





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