EverythingAgricultural.com is one of our “pet projects” we hold dear to our hearts.  The tag line for the site is “Lets’ Grow it Right!”  In my opinion there is still this good vs. bad, greed vs. sharing and evil vs. good.  After watching a National Geographic documentary on Netflix today on the subject of California and the greedy bastards (some) that need more billions… if my minds thoughts were to come true some would do jail time for the crime of “greed!”  For which there is none on the book in California.

Our Judges are “figuratively speaking” standing aside “Justice”.. you know that blind Bitch with the blind fold on and the scale.  To me the scale represents the laws the Judges uphold will be the laws where the “bribing greedy bastards” put the most money.

The Bitch may be blind but she can feel the weight of the gold put on the scale of justice. Justice is what you can buy says “she” and the Judges are right in line with that.  Not all.. but many.

If we had a crime call “greed” and “good judges” would uphold the law and not listed to bribes to “her” the World would be a much better place.

Bribes, Gifts and Other Gratuities

If we are to get rid of the unjust “Bitches” decisions based on what “money” can buy we need to get laws in place that will take away some of “Greeds” tools.

“Greed” is a solder of ruin.  He and his kind take master over good men, judges, politicians and other because “He” can gain control over our dreams and desires.

His tools are money, property, gifts of all kinds such as “access” for various purposes.

Access to Clubs, Places, Education and more…

If “you” accept gifts from “Greed” or any of his soldiers.. you are a prostitute and just do not know it.. or maybe you do.

Adding Water Districts & Agencies to our Directory on EA

Today I will be adding in a directory listing for Water Districts & Water Agencies.  Why? I would highly suggest you care about what the Native Americans of South and North American were worried about. The Power and Control of over the natural resources.  The power to control live.. the control of water.

I encourage you to get involved and learn what your local governments are doing with our water. Attending meetings and post meetings.  I will also be adding in under the events section “Water Agency & District Meetings” so that everyone can post these meeting with others. It’s free and easy.

How can you find out about these meetings? Your local governments should have some post the meeting to the public in your local news paper.  If the meeting is shady it may be rescheduled or post at the last minutes.  In these cases it does not mean “the meetings” are shady but it highly suspect and you should post the meetings for other to see so they can attend them in their community.

The Water District & Agency Meetings will have a sub-categories too such as Federal, State, County & Local. Thus if you lived in the County of Calaveras for example you would go to Events, add event, name of the event “Calaveras County Water Agency,  enter the date and time and the content of the event. For the category you would select County Water Agency, Local .. these are just examples.

EverythingAgricultural.com need support and you are welcome to make donations to the site. The site is owned by S Valencia International and funds are needed to dedicated more people hours to it’s programming.


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